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Saisonal proposals




Organic salmon marinated with pomegranate

White cabbage with Espelette peppers and goat cheese

Beet humus with mint


Short roasted scallops

Cucumber brunoise with spicy mango

Curry quinoa

Yoghurt foam with lime

Sea bass tatar marinated with lime, ginger an Szechuan pepper

Black radish, green beans and Granny Smith salsa

Ponzu vinaigrette


Tempered Halibut medallion

Aïoli with wild garlic

Artichokes 'Barigoule'


Half Canadian lobster

fried in olive oil
Crustacean broth

Cauliflower cream with tarragon

Quail breast with light juice with raisins

Beluga lentils

Celery cream with liquorice


Pan-fried duck foie gras escalope

Cinnamon and cane sugar sprinkler

Mushroom and root vegetable

Roasted fig with vanilla

Perfect organic chicken egg

Fresh chanterelles

Mashed caramelized Hokkaido pumpkin


Cucumber mint sorbet with Monkey 47

Tomato basil sorbet with Vodka


Main Courses


Pre-saltet whithe cod

Pink grapefruit vinaigrette

Cylinder of young leek and potatoes

Deer medallion
Game juice with juniper berries

Quince compote with Gewurztraminer

Pumpkin cubes with five spices

Brussels cabbage leaves

Braised veal paleron
Arabica juice
Stuffing of bolets and veal rice
Creamy polenta
Butternut chutney with dried fruit

Black Angus beef tenderloin

Merlot juice

Mashed potatoes with Jerusalem artichokes and black truffle
Roasted root vegetables




Assorted cheese plate

Nut and fig bread





Lemon meringue tartlet

Citrus fruit salad with Campari

Almond cracker

Dark chocolate mousse on nut biscuit

Salted caramel cream

Poached pear with vanilla


Mini savarin with white Rum

Roasted pineapple with maracuja

White chocolate mousse with coco nut

Caramelized apple tartlet
Sablé Breton
Bourbon vanilla ice cream

Wines upon request

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